Current Projects

Let’s Talk About It

This commission to deliver public performances that explore advocacy through the arts is delivered for The Modernisation Initiative End of Life Care Programme.

The second phase of this programme is targeting Asian Elderly and Black Elderly community groups to produce theatre performances that explore the issues that are important to their communities as they face old age far from the places of their birth. The performances will take place in mid April and have been developed with the support of the National Theatre Studio.

Moving into Being

Dance in Dementia Care

We are delivering a series of movement workshops in five care homes across Worcestershire this Summer leading to a series of dance film screenings across the county.

Jump into Action

Working in partnership with Coventry University and a number of second and third year students, we are embedding movement and improvisation workshops into the monthly delivery of workshops for The Saturday Club at St Michaels Hospice, Herefordshire. This will lead to a series of dance improvisation performances in the market town squares of the market towns across Herefordshire

Stroke Odysseys

A single project that combines movement, singing and film-making workshops for stroke survivors and their families. The series of creative workshops will lead a public performance by a stroke survivors choir leading to a new choral work which  will be accompanied by a dance movement film that maps the slow journey towards rehabilitation. The project will produce new ways of delivering patient advocacy through the arts.

National End of Life Care Programme public health media commission

Finding the words explores the ways health professionals communicate to patients about End of Life matters. An NHS service user group of patients and carers recounts some shocking experiences and suggest a future of partnership between service users and health care professionals.