At Home with Illness

June 6th, 2014

Three new short films entitled “At Home with Illness” are launched 9 June to mark Carers Week.  The gritty films take an unflinching look at what happens when serious illness arrives in a family. Although this situation affects thousands in Scotland the lives of people who are seriously ill are largely hidden, and so too are the sometimes harsh realities of those who care for them. 1 in 8 of the Scottish population are involved in providing care and support to a family member. Around 40, 000 people each year in Scotland will die after a period of protracted illness.

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Filmed intimately at home, three very different families tell their own powerful and individual stories of love, loss, crisis, tears, hope and laughter. One of the 3 films, “The Long Goodbye” has already become a word-of-mouth success on YouTube. All three films have been commissioned by a consortium of national charities, led by the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care (SPPC).

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