Rosetta Learning

The learning from Rosetta Life projects provide evidence aimed at changing the delivery of care across the UK.

We use digital documentation of our work to educate the wider health care communities and the wider public. Our video and media advocacy demonstrate how these activities can alleviate suffering, and enhance the quality of life experienced by people living with life threatening illnesses.

The Rosetta Life Youtube Channel

The Rosetta Life Youtube Channel contains resources for training and education. Over 100 projects are documented on the channel and available to purchase through our catalogue.

Education and Training toolkit

Our artist training programs are innovative and always seek to forge new partnerships between the arts and health sectors. Rosetta Life provides workshops sessions, training programmes and toolkits for the health and arts sector looking to develop skills in the application of the arts in end of life care.

To discuss a placement with Rosetta Life or how we can support your organisation with a tailor made film or training package, please contact us.

View our catalogue of education and training resources.