Moving into Being

Moving into being
“Even when one is unable to move the limbs, there is a response in the body. By focusing on the invisible dances, the dance within we can work with the movement of the breath that carries the dance between the heart and the lungs throughout the body”

Lucinda Jarrett, Artistic Director Rosetta Life

Rosetta Life dancers and dance and movement training workshops and residencies.

Rosetta Life’s specialist dancers make visible, and work with, the ordinary everyday movement that our culture has unwittingly sidelined; the movement that other movement and health workers may have ceased to notice. They have particular skills that enable them to work physically with anyone, regardless of the degree of movement or energy they have. Uniquely, they are able to work with functional, developmental and expressive movement all at once, as appropriate.

Their particular contribution is to make active physicality an ordinary part of all aspects of our lives.

  • They show parents and practitioners how to use movement as a communication tool with their families, making it easier to manage and explore big feelings
  • They know that routine exercise is dull, and that sociable, imaginative playful physical activities are much more sustainable; they introduce new, playful, ways of being active into everyday life in residential, day care and sheltered housing settings for older people
  • They work with people who can no longer move by themselves -moving their limbs so that they can, again, feel the pleasure of movement and their body
  • They work with people who are very ill, and frightened, using just the movement of the breath – in and out – to reduce fear, find comfort and discover the vitality of their spirit, undiminished by illness
  • They show families how to use movement to increase the comfort of their relatives and to increase the meaning of the communication they have on visits
  • And, because they use an arts-in-health approach, they:
  • Put relationships – and communication of who we are – at the heart of everything they do, making the work person-centred and entirely meaningful
  • Work with the images and stories released through movement that help people to make sense of their lives
  • Help people to feel vital, confident and strong even when illness and challenging life circumstances get in the way
  • Recognise the importance of celebrating achievement together

This work has been supported by People Dancing across the West Midlands as Part of the region’s plans for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, this exciting programme provides the opportunity to bring West Midlands communities together, from all backgrounds and neighbourhoods, to celebrate the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by getting local people moving. The challenge for this programme is to encourage more people to take up dance and dance related activity so that it becomes part of their lives, resulting in them feeling fit and well in both mind and body and having fun.

If you are a dance company, University or College interested in training and development workshops on movement and dance in health care settings, or a hospital/hospice or care organisation looking to bring dance and movement to your service users, please get in contact with our programme manager Jennie

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