Rosetta Pictures

“There is an urgent need for a true and unsentimental picture of the lives of those living with life threatening illnesses that challenges stigmas and attitudes”
Chris Rawlence, Director of Media Rosetta Life.

Rosetta Pictures is a fantastic service for those third sector and health organisations seeking fresh approaches to advocacy and promotion. Our approach places the individual at the heart of the film making process and is absorbing, professional and of the highest quality.

Rosetta Pictures understand the ethical challenges and unpredictable nature of creating honest and effective, creatively produced campaigns that give voice to the service user. Rosetta Life brings expertise in creating absorbing, challenging and highly effective social marketing campaigns.

Rosetta Pictures can provide you with substantial expertise based on a unique understanding of the health sector’s needs. We offer high quality film making provision at highly competitive rates.

The Rosetta Life Channel

Spend a little time on The Rosetta Life Channel at We have uploaded more than 150 of our short films creating the world’s largest collection of films about end of-life. This is a unique resource for the palliative care community. It’s also a terrific showcase for the amazing projects we have delivered in the past ten years and shows what a ground-breaking organisation we are.

The Channel is organised into themed Playlists. Within each playlist you will find a series of short films dedicated to subjects like Young Bereavement, Motor Neurone Disease, MS.

To commission a film or to discuss the use of film making in your campaign or with your service users please contact Chris

Rosetta life can also provide media support for

  • Documentation of arts projects
  • Short film presentations for websites and conferences
  • Training and workshops around the use of media in health advocacy, arts in health and social marketing.