The Magical Glow of the Co-Op

The Magical Glow of the Co Op was a theatre performance produced by Rosetta Life and developed in partnership with Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Birmingham St Marys Hospice and a total of 30 hospice service users. A community cast of 9 service users, two members of staff and two volunteers performed on stage. A professional cast of four performers supported the performance. The theatre was full throughout its run and the audience evaluation was excellent.

It reached everybody, didn’t it, from the audience to the people involved in it. And I think it did make people more aware of the sort of things, stumbling blocks if you like, we have to contend with. Not just every now and then, just for a play, but every day. Every day is a challenge and sometimes you don’t even want to rise to that challenge. You’d rather just pull the blankets over your head and go back to sleep. But you don’t. (Participant)

Feedback from audience evaluation

It was a fascinating transition of patient experiences to the professional stage-extremely moving and very sensitively done. Insightful, emotional and conveys important information to get people thinking and talking about living life at the end