The first outing for this participant-led music theatre initiative. Set to the instrumental score of Michael Torke and Chris Rawlence’s Channel 4 opera, King of Hearts

Life St 4-shot

1. Lifestories (The Mariners 1) (3:12)

We meet the real people this show is based on – Jenny, Glassine, Muriel and Collette – who are all living with a life-threatening illness. The scene is set. Glassine will play herself. Professionals Jill, Sarah, and Mary play the others. Don’t let a little thing like cancer get you down..

Don't Let

2. Diagnosis (4:49)

Each character recalls the shock of diagnosis – a life-changing event that no-one is quite ready for….

Jenny's Train Journey (1)

3. Jenny’s train journey (1:55)

Facing her own mortality, the most ordinary things Jenny sees from a train window take on a magical intensity.

Muriel cup

4. The Drink (8:54)

The simplest tasks we take for granted may become a huge challenge when we’re ill – like picking up a mug.

CW Netball 6 (1)

5.Just like a black girl (2:38)

Collette and Muriel return to their teenage years, long before their bodies let them down. They recall the joys of netball, which Collette played ‘just like a black girl.’

Finding Collette (1)

6. Finding Collette (1:15)

Collette rediscovers the person she really is, in spite of illness.

Blissful Glassine (1)

7. The real Glassine (4:11)

Glassine treks the world. She flees illness in search of the holiday of a lifetime. But when she returns home….

Muriel - Life Stories

8. The boat trip (5:51)

We don’t yet find out what happens in Act 3. Our friends set out on a boat trip. They don’t know when or if they’ll return but they have each other….

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