What We Do

Rosetta Life offers those living with life-limiting conditions the creative means to explore personal narratives of illness and memory, and convey these live or online to an audience of their choice.  Our vision is to ensure that everyone living with a serious illness has the potential to lead a full creative life and that cultural activities are accessible and accessed.


Rosetta Life was founded in 1997 by Lucinda Jarrett and Filipa Pereira Stubbs. Our first projects were small arts residencies at St Helena Hospice, Colchester and St Christopher’s Hospice. The work rapidly grew and in 2003 a UK Online grant enabled us to expand and include 20 hospices nationwide, supplying each with a Digital Arts Centre and an artist in residence who would enable participants to share their stories digitally


Enabling the discovery and sharing of personal narratives has always been central to Rosetta Life’s work. Your story may be hidden in the body or the recesses of memory. The embrace of your story may confer meaning on a life knocked sideways illness.


Performing Ourselves” has become a principle motif running through our creative initiatives. By sharing their story with an audience, participants find voice, build self-confidence, and defy the prevailing social stigma that devalues disability.


Have always been a central aspect of Rosetta Life. Working with song writers and composers, participants are encouraged to co-create lyrics drawn from their stories, which are then performed chorally or as songs to a range of audiences.


Have played an increasingly pivotal role in our work.  With professional dancers and choreographers we are evolving a practice of improvisation that releases creativity,  imagination and story, while and supporting recovery. 

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